What service is right for me?

The type of service you need is completely based on they type of project you have. Our Dustless Blaster and Dry Ice Blaster generally provide similar type of results on different sized projects.

  • The Dustless Blaster is ideal for larger projects that can be done outside.
  • The Dry Ice Blaster provides the same level of stripping but can be done indoors and on more delicate pieces, or items that you do not want to dismantle.
  • The Vapor Honing service is performed in our shop and would require drop off or shipment of the items.

Please send us a quote request and we will gladly help you decided what best fits your project needs.

How long does it take?

The blasting process is generally the least time-consuming portion of the process. Set up and clean up are what take the most time, and again this is all determined by the type of service you are needing. For instance, our Dustless Blaster can strip a whole car down to bare metal in less than two hours. Please give us a call, we can discuss your specific project in more detail.

What are the benefits of Dustless Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is becoming more popular due to its many great features:

  • The unit is completely mobile, we can come to you, no need to load and transport your project. This saves not only time, but money also!
  • Dustless Blasting is a mixture of water and media, the water allows the media to fall to the ground, instead of creating a plume of dust. In most cases this is preformed over a plastic tarp allowing us to essentially fold up the debris and dispose of leaving less of a mess in comparison to dry blasting
  • Another great thing about using water and media is the water keeps the metal cooler during treatment, preventing warping and other defects caused by heat and friction
  • Dustless blasting is a quick process, if you compare the hours that would be needed to completely sand a car, versus the couple hours in which the whole car could be stripped and ready for the next step in restoration

What can be done in the Vapor Cabinet, How big of Parts?

Our Vapor Cabinet can contain up to 1000lbs, with a door opening of approximately 24” x 30”

This is ideal for smaller parts for best results.

How do I prep my project for restoration?

Preparation is going to be dependent on the type of project you have. We can discuss prep options that best suit your project needs at the time of quote. We offer options for DIY prep, as well as complete service packages in which we do all the work for you. The only thing you need to do is call or email to get the process started.

What things are needed after surface stripping?

The next step in your restoration project will be dependent on the type of material stripped.

  • Metals will be blasted with a rust inhibitor solution, which allows approximately a 72hr window in which it is recommended the pieces then be sealed or primed
  • Wood should be resealed or painted after surface stripping
  • Concrete should be sealed after stripping to maintain the fresh clean look


We will discuss your specific project needs in more detail before the process is started.

Why choose Recon Surface Restoration (RSRBlasting)?

Here at Recon Surface Restoration, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best possible experience, results you can boast about, all at the best price possible.

Starting with our top-notch customer service, quality workmanship, and use of industry leading best tools on the market, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Descriptions for each of the Services listed in the white boxes:

Paint Stripping:
Our Dustless Blaster can remove paint from virtually any surface in a matter of minutes, no matter how many layers, we can remove them all.

Rust Removal:
Depending on the item needing rust removal this can be achieved with our Dustless Blaster, or the Dry Ice Blaster in a matter of minutes, no sanding, or harsh chemicals needed.

Powder Coat/Chrome Removal:
Powder coating can be removed with our Dustless Blaster. Want to change the color of your wheels? Sand rail? Or any other surface that has old or damaged powder coating, we can have it ready for its fresh powder coating in just a few short hours.

Concrete Restoration:
Using our Dustless blaster, we can retore your concrete to a fresh new look, we can even provide concrete etching to add a little flare to your location

**Etching will require metal stencil; we have affiliate vendors who can help design your stencil at an additional cost. Or we are happy to use a stencil you may already have; minimum stencil parameters apply**

**It is recommended to reseal your concrete after restoration to preserve the new clean look, sealing also helps to prolong the surface integrity**

Wood Restoration:
Depending on your specific project, wood restoration can be done with or Dustless or Dry Ice Blaster. We can remove old paint, stain, and even smoke staining. Also great for exterior restoration on log homes.

**All wood projects will need to be sealed after blasting**

At this time Recon Surface restoration does not offer sealer application, we do have third party companies that we can recommend.

Graffiti/Parking Stripe Removal:
Do you have unsightly graffiti that needs to be removed? Don’t waste your time and money painting over it, our Dustless Blaster can remove it in minutes.

Re-designing your parking layout and need lines removed, we can handle that too.

Stainless Kitchen/Commercial Equipment Cleaning:
Our Dry Ice Blaster is ideal for interior cleaning of Commercial/Industrial Kitchen surfaces. The dry Ice is FDA Approved and does not require the work to stop around it while in use. Removes all the tough grease and grime buildup

Engine/Parts Cleaning:
Our Vapor honing cabinet is great for cleaning various engine parts, as well as many other types of projects. Please see our Vapor Honing Service page for all the details

We can also use our dustless or dry ice blaster for cleanings done at your site

Pool Restoration:
Using our Dustless Blaster we can prep your pool for restoration, we can remove oxidation, hard water stains, discolorations, and old paint. This service is done as the first step in restoring the look of your old, outdated pool.

Marine Restoration:
Are you facing the daunting task of stripping the undercoating or Anti-fouling paint from your boat or barge? Our Dustless Blaster can turn long days into minutes. We can remove barnacles, anti-fouling paint and undercoating in a very short time and get your surface ready for the next step, less time spent stripping, the faster you are back out in the water! Call now, have your boat ready before the nice weather starts.

Workplace/Equipment Sanitation:
We are excited to offer workplace and equipment sanitation. Due to the recent pandemic, we have realized the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace. This is a great service for heavy equipment, rented items, bus and ride share stations, gyms, daycares, as well as high traffic benches and railings. This service can be scheduled during your businesses closed hours, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Virtually Any Surface can be Restored:
We invite you to explore our page, and services we offer. If you have questions and do not find the information you need, please feel free to send in a quote request, or give us a call. We would be happy to help with your project needs, and if we can’t help, we can help guide you to the right service.