Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting is a unique and revolutionary process used for paint stripping and cleaning a wide range of surfaces. It can remove virtually any coating from any surface. These Dustless Blasters combine water and abrasive to blast more efficiently and clean your surfaces while consuming less media per job. You can call us for any surface restoration job, and we will leave you with a smooth and clean surface that is ready to be made new again.

Paint eventually fails, metal eventually rusts, and surfaces can not be protected from getting dirty. Dustless Blasting is an effective method to remove what is left of the old coating quickly and efficiently. Our dustless blasting will remove paint, rust, and even undercoating. We use state-of-the-art technology and have the ability to blast a range of surfaces. We ensure that our eco-friendly technique will not destroy the surface and deliver the end result of the highest quality standards.

Why Choose Dustless Blasting?

Our Dustless Blaster is the fastest and most efficient way to prep your project and can virtually restore any surface.

Dustless Blasting, also known as hydro Blasting, is effective on both hard and soft surfaces. It also eliminates more than 90% of the dust in comparison to the traditional dry sandblasting.

Dustless Blasting is also eco-friendly. It uses 1/3 less media than traditional Blasting and can be used on job sites without disturbing other work activities.

What We Offer

Using our dustless blaster, we are able to restore your commercial buildings, public garages, heavy equipment, driveways, swimming pools, and virtually any other surface that needs to be restored.

Our machine is tough on

  • paint
  • grease
  • dried glue
  • caulking
  • rust
  • powder coating

And these are only a few of the many surfaces we can clean.

And many other tough to remove coatings, And yet gentle enough to be used on surfaces like

  • brick
  • stone
  • granite
  • tiles
  • wood
  • driveways & sidewalks
  • furniture
  • metals including aluminum

Top Reasons To Use Dustless Blasting

Dust Suppression

The mixture of abrasive and water ensures that the dust of the coating falls to the ground rather than being airborne. It keeps all nearby surfaces clean and free from any mess.

Efficient & Safe

The dustless Blasting process is better than other traditional sandblasting methods because it does not produce any toxic dust plume. Therefore, the cleaning can be done without wearing a full blast suit.

Easy To Contain

You do not have to worry about any ignitable sparks or the creation of dust plumes because the water is mixed with the abrasive. The blasting can be done in an open environment and can save you some bucks on cleanup and containment costs.

Uses Less Abrasive

An increased amount of mass is produced and forced in the blasting process because of the water and abrasive mixture. It means that you can use much less media and work more efficiently. It will directly speed up the production time and will also reduce the consumables costs.

Dustless Blasting Services

Surface Cleaning

You can clean and de-paint any type of masonry with Dustless Blasting. It can be bricks, cinder blocks, stone, or even concrete, we can safely and effectively clean any surface. Dustless Blasting is a great option for removing calcium stains and mildew.

Wood Restoration

Woods are a bit tricky to clean, and Dustless Blasting is an outstanding alternative for removing paint, lacquer, polyurethane, and any other coating from wood. This method is completely safe for hard woods and can also clean softer woods without any damage if blasted on a lower pressure and using finer media.


If Pressure washing is not enough to get the job done, our Dustless Blasting system can help you obliterate graffiti without damaging the original surface. We care about the environment, and the Recycled Bottle Glass used is 100% environmentally inert. The grass will stay intact and alive, as Dustless Blasting does not kill grass as soda does.


There are several factors that make the Dustless Blasting system better than traditional dry blasting. The biggest factor is that it suppresses dust, sparks, and static electricity means you can get the surface preparation done without shutting down plant operations. It can quickly and efficiently remove paint, primer, and all other types of coatings. During blasting, it also cleans rust, grease, and other contaminants in one go.