About Us

At RECON SURFACE RESTORATION, LLC (RSR), we value your time and the integrity of your items. Our services are specialized to restore virtually any surface without causing any damage to the item.

Our dustless blasting equipment is not harmful to the environment or the people around the job site. Also, Clean up is made simple, and all of our products are eco-friendly.

We offer mobile services so that you can call us from anywhere. Our vapor honing service is shop-based as the equipment for it is non-transportable. You can visit us or ship your items to us. Before shipping, let us know your item and the estimated time when we may receive your item. The prices will be according to job requirements.

Dry ice blasting is another option for detailed cleaning. This is our most premium service as dry ice blasting doesn’t require us to disassemble an item and the equipment is also transportable, and we can restore your items at the site. So, you don’t have to visit or ship the item unless you want to.

We are excited that you have chosen us, we look forward to working with you. Thank you for trusting us with your project needs.


What We Do

Reliable Services

Our key objective is to provide an eco-friendly service, that relieves stress from our valued customers with its time-friendly, mobile solution.

Trained Professionals

Our highly skilled and trained personal have worked in the automotive, customer service industry for over two decades.

Client Satisfaction

Mobile dustless blasting makes any project seem easy, you call, we come! Clean-up is simple, and is environmentally friendly.

Quality Guaranteed

We can restore virtually any surface without damaging the integrity of the piece, whether you are restoring a timeless classic or an antique treasure we can take the work out of the most daunting projects.

Our Mission

Here at RECON Surface Restoration, we aim to restore your items without leaving behind a mess of dust to clean up afterward. We know your time is valuable. Why spend hours sanding, striping, and breaking your back to restore your valuable projects and items? Let us do the hard part for you. Minutes versus days, and your project will look as good as new. Our customers are our business! No project is too big or small; our dustless blasting tools can handle them all.

All our tools are Eco-Friendly and non-invasive to surrounding workers and the environment. We can restore virtually any surface at your place or ours.